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Feb. 15th, 2008 | 01:18 pm
mood: sore sore

A couple days ago, I started an intense workout program called P90X "Beach Body". My boyfriend and I want to be more physically fit and have healthier diets. So far, it has been brutal. It hurts to sit, lie down, and even hug... and I've only done two workouts so far. We are still determined but I had no idea it would be this painful. But it is nice to be on the system along with someone else. So it's not just me wailing in pain, it's him too :D Well, ever since I started eating a more well-rounded diet, I've felt strange, but good. I think all of the toxins have left my body by now. It hasn't been hard for me to cut back, but it has for my person. This guy used to drink multiple sodas every day, munch on candies and over eat. I am so pleasantly surprised at how well he is doing. He took a trip to the store the first day on the program and came back with assorted fruits and vegetables and even a bottle of Soy-Vanilla-Chai Tea Drink (upon my request). This morning, after working a long third shift, he had a bowl of grapes, a large glass of water, and some slim fast (instead of the 3/4 of a pizza like he usually has o_O). I know we'll start getting stronger and feel better. I love the relaxing yoga and the intense "kempo" routines. My goal is to tone up and narrow my waist (however humanly possible without breaking any ribs) so that I can fit into some smaller brands. It lasts for 90 days, exercising and dieting EVERY day.

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